GSR Aluminum Main Case

GSR Release Bearing Kit

RTS Low Profile  $539

S chassis LS Engine Swap

Chrome Moly  $225 

Winters QC S13 Subframe

Newer versions  $1975

S197 Mustang 68* Hi-angle


1350 Hardened Slip Yoke

For ALL dogboxes  $260

SFI Steel LS 2JZ Bell Housing

2JZ to any 4spd DogBox  $820


703-B Mooresville RD, Kannapolis, NC. 28081 US

725hp LS Eng Pkg DrySump Plug-Play $32K

Gforce GSR 4spd Dogbox

New Alum Case, HD internals  

100% Refurbished   $7400

Gforce GSR Transmission

BRAND NEW UNITS, HD internals  $8800

645hp LS Eng Pkg Wet Pan

Complete Plug-Play $24K

GForce G101A GSR Parts

ALL Dog Rings $220,

1/2 or 3/4 Sliders $240

6spd sequential transmission  6XD RTS transmission Gforce Internals SS manufacturing

6spd sequential dogbox transmission 6XD RTS sequential transmission Gforce  SS manufacturing

ARE LS Drysump Kit

4Stage LS/LSX $4240

GSR Alum Replacement Case

Stronger, last longer  = $880

Winters Spool V1 & V3

Latest V3  $740

RTS Owner Rick Lamber

Daily Set-up / Engineering

Sevices  $500/day

6 speed sequential dogbox 6XD RTS transmissions Gforce Internals SS manufacturing

RTS Rick Alex Heilbrunn

Drift transmission 6 speed sequential dogbox 6XD RTS transmissions Gforce Internals SS manufacturing

Gforce GSR Gearbox New  

Winters QC S14 Subframe

Newer versions  $1975

Race Tech Services.

2JZ Twin Triple Clutch

Twin w/flywheel  $1280

Triple w/flywheel $1390

6 speed sequential gearbox 6XD RTS transmission Gforce Internals SS manufacturing

Pro-Am / Pro2 / Pro1 Formula Drift / D1 / IDC / Road Racing / World Time Attack / Endurance / Rally / Off-Road soon!

RTS Inc, Race Tech Services ranks #1 for Dogbox Racing Transmissions, Winters Quick change rears

T101, T101A, SR1, G-force G101A, GSR, Mid-Valley, Andrews, 6 speed sequential dogbox 6XD transmission, Winters IRS

* NEW PRODUCT RELEASE December 2018* 

RTS INC, Race Tech Services, SS-Manufacturing, Gforce, 6XD gearbox is designed, engineered, built 100% in USA!

The new release 6XD 6 speed sequential dogbox transmission has endless applications since it is

 PRECISE, VERSATILE, and the STRONGEST Torque Rated Racing Sequential in the World @ 1800ftlbs/2400nm
6XD Sequential Dogbog Specs:

*** 6XD is 100% COMPLETE add oil & race  *108lbs  *Length 22.5"  *Width 9"  *Tall 10"  *1.5qrts 75/90 or 85/140  *Bolts directly into any 4spd NASCAR dogbox application  *Use your current 4spd dogbox driveshaft  *22-24-26" shifter setbacks *Internal pressure feed oil  *250+ ratio combinations in stock  *(8) specialty input-shafts in stock  *8 minute (1) dropgear swap changes ratio stack taller/shorter for different tracks/series  *5XD version available @ same price

World Release Pre-Pay Special Pricing for the first (25) units is $12500.00 So Buy NOW save $3000

Once the (25) Special Priced units are sold, Market pricing will be $15500.00  "100% complete"